10 reasons to date a Performer

by Amanda Carson February 03, 2020 1 min read

10 reasons to date a Performer

We’ve all seen them, those magical creatures who adorn the most beautiful clothes, dance perfectly with the beat, and have the most epic flow arts skills. They may be akin to Unicorns, or Fairies, or perhaps Ninjas and surely you want to know more about them. We hope this sneak peek into a performers life will give you a solid “10 reasons to date a Performer.”

  1. They’re probably insanely creative.
  2. You’ll always be entertained and inspired.
  3. If they have the patience to deal with all these props and dress rehearsals then they probably have the patience to deal with you.
  4. Hello backstage access and free passes to your favorite shows!
  5. They know how to grab your attention.
  6. Always on the go, you won’t be bored!
  7. Too busy preparing for the next gig to be up to no good.
  8. They’ll always be looking fabulous in their spendy festival gear and be able to tell the difference between a Warrior Within or Noralina Freedom onesie at the blink of an eye.
  9. Performing on stage in front of dozens or even hundreds of people takes confidence, and confidence is sexy.
  10. They’ll probably let you try out all of their cool props like hula hoops, performance swords, and silk fans!

A big thank you to Sammie Jo (@sammiejo_19) for contributing to this blog.

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