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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

3 Beginner Hula Hoop Moves to Build From

Well, hello there you fabulous new hooper you. That hoop looks good on you!

Welcome to the circle, my friend. Let me help you rock it out even more.

If you got waist hooping down and you’re looking to progress your hula hoop skills on the fly, here are your core three basic moves. Of course, for every hooper, the process is different, but I think these will start you off spectacularly!

Get these sweet moves down, and you’ll unlock a treasure chest of other moves to stem off the basics, promise!


The Vortex

Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds. This move is such an integral part of hooping, and it’s super pretty. This is the first move I learned, and it’s the first thing I teach those who want to learn to hoop.


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KEY: Spin. I can’t stress this enough. Spinning is the key to nailing this trick instead of nailing your ear (which really hurts, by the way). Don’t forget to spin until completion.



Let’s start off with just the basic isolation. There’s a slew of others to follow! Mix this up with the vortex so you’re not just studying one thing. Isolations are a wicked illusion where it looks like the hoop doesn’t move, but you do.

Basic isolation

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KEY: Mirror. Doing this trick in the mirror will work wonders for you. You need to get it smooth and not have it wobble which is more apparent when practicing in front of a mirror. After reading this article, check out our comprehensive blog on how to do isolations on this website! 


Leg Hooping

Leg hooping, or knee hooping – It’s actually just above your knee to be more precise. “Pump” the knee that is standing firm (not the one that you will eventually learn to take out). In the beginning you can pump both knees, but you’ll need to learn to do it with just one knee pretty soon, so don’t get too used to that. If you don’t get it right away, that is okay! Depending on the person, leg hooping can be considered an intermediate move. Everyone has that one thing that eludes them. Just don’t give up!

Leg hooping

A post shared by Nina – Hooper And Expolorer (@that_hooplife) on

Extra tip: So this is just me, but when I would loose control waist hooping and it started creeping down my butt to my legs, I used that opportunity to practice leg hooping.


KEY: Spin. Get use to it, dude. Spinning is your life now! Embrace the spin. Yes, it’s normal to get a bit dizzy. When you’re learning to hoop, spinning helps the process of learning a trick, so just go with it, and as you progress, you won’t need to spin so much.

What are you waiting for? You have three new moves to try out. Happy spinning!

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