COVID-19 and Flow Arts

by Brandon Huston March 14, 2020 2 min read

Hi friends, 

I know it's a bit of a wild world out there right now and we want all of you to be safe and doing what you can to protect yourselves from possible exposure. 

  • Have you ever washed your hula hoop? 
  • Have you ever thought about how gross your hoop might be?


I had never thought of these things either until recently.

So grab some wipes, or some hot soapy water and wash that dirty dirty hoop! 


Let me get to the point, in case you stop reading now.....


*US 48 only


We understand that more and more people are becoming stuck at home, quarantined, or just don't really want to go out and risk exposure. 

The economy is also in turmoil right now with the major exchanges making WILD swings of 800+ points up and down on a near-daily basis. 



We know that some of you are losing work and that means you are losing money! 


We feel for you, we are feeling the pressure as well. Hoops are somehow not as important as toilet paper apparently. 🤣


$3.99 shipping on all bare polypro hoops!

You're welcome. 


We're unsure how long we are going to be running this promotion, but we just want to make sure that you still have access to the hoops you love. 


After all, this equation is VERY important for you to understand. Here it is.

Hooping = Joy.

Joy = Positive feelings in your body.

Positive feelings = A healthier immune system.

A healthier immune system = Better health. 


Therefore, Hooping = Health!



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