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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

Hoop Away That Extra Baby Weight!

Have you recently had a baby? You have been working out really hard and exercising, but there is that last little bit of fat around your tummy. No matter what you do it won’t go anywhere! Well, look no further. I have found a couple videos that will blast the fat and leave you feeling hoopy and happy! Enjoy!

First things First


Fellow hooper Lisa and myself after a 5k Color Me Rad ran

Fellow hooper (and mother of 3), Lisa and myself after a 5k Color Me Rad run.


If you haven’t started some sort of workout routine than you need to! It can be anything! I have two little boys (3  and 1 years old) and it was difficult to get back in the swing of things. I was busy being a wife, new mom, and also going to school for Geology. I started going to Zumba (which I highly recommend). I was also doing a couple other routines (weights, hiking, exercising) however, I just couldn’t shake that last little bit of weight around my tummy. I’m not overweight- I just wanted to get toned back up, as I’m sure all of you do too! So get your booty up and moving! Extra bonus- when you exercise with your baby, they act as a weight and you get to spend time together!

Now What?

Go find your hoop silly!

Any hoop, any size (the smaller the hoop the more you will be working your core). If you don’t have one, go to K-mart or the Dollar Store and buy one (for less than $5), drain out the beads or water and voila! You’re good to go! If it is a new hoop, make sure you’re comfortable with it; it will just make it easier for you!

Check out these videos!

There’s no short supply of workout videos, even in the hooping world. The great thing about hooping is that it works your whole body, inside and outside. These two videos focus on your waist and core, so it really hits that target area. Another bonus, these are quick fun workouts! Even if you are short on time you can still fit in a quick hooping session.

Both videos I found are from Deanne Love. She does such a wonderful job describing moves and is so upbeat. How can you not have fun while watching her! Plus her clothes are awesome! The first video is nice and short. It’s also easy to memorize so you can practice it anywhere. The moves are simple- hooping around your waist and some footwork. I started this in the beginning while learning to hoop and it took me a couple weeks to get the coordination down. Once you have it though, it’s really fun.

The second video is a 7 minute ab workout as well. Again, this is another fun exercise. (are they all fun when a hoop is involved?)



I hope you guys enjoy these quick hooping workouts. So grab your hoop, turn up the music and have some fun. You’re babies will love the entertainment!


A little yoga by the lake never hurts either! Happy hooping everyone!






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