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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

Hoop Knowledge 101 – Hoop Size Fitting

Revised on Wednesday, April 4th, 2018 by Brandon Huston


The hoop questions are never-ending and can go around and around with no true end. No certain answer. As much as we love circles, centering ourselves on key pieces of information may be in our best hoopy interest. Let’s explore some common inquiries from beginner hoopers and hoopers looking to re-size, or find that “perfect fit” for their beloved circle.

A brief overview of hula hoop tubing

Hoop size will be addressed by OD = (Outer Diameter) width from wall to wall. Meaning if you were to measure across the widest part of the hoop with a measuring tape, this would be the outside diameter measurement, simply known as the Diameter of the Hoop.

Info & knowledge obtained from first-hand experience, research & education.

1″ PE: (Polyethylene)

Fabulous for the hooper that is down to chill with the hoop on his or her waist most of the time. Can be quite “heavy” for a hoop, alternately known as weighted; the size and weight may limit the ability to progress into the vast world of hoop tricks. The thicker tubing slows down flow – the pull of your hoop- making waist hooping a fabulous venture, but possibly hindering more advanced movements. Tapes look stellar than ever due to the larger surface area of the tubing and coils well, too. PSI rating for PE/Polytech/PEX is generally 100 – 160. PSI is used to determine the overall weight and feel of the hoop, but is an actual measurement of water pressure.

3/4″ PE: (Polyethylene)

Hands down best for beginners before transitioning to “performance” style hoops – Polypro & HDPE. The added few ounces mean worlds to the control and regulated speed offered by this tubing in comparison to performance hoops. Black in color, and a very small bit flexy, this tubing coils like a breeze just like 5/8″ Polypro but offers an experience comparable to 3/4″ Polypro – transitioning just got real easy.    
38-37″ and under in diameter is best to avoid wonk in shape.

3/4″ Polypro:

Best for polypro beginners, more chill and controlled hooping, and a bit slower flow. Gnar digs the swag; slower sweeping pull-flows offer more controlled manipulations. Dampened response time, stellar for learning new tricks. 37″ and under.

5/8″ Polypro:

Light-weight, responsive, gnarly all around. Fabulous for quick finger-tricks, doubles, minis, and a feather-light experience. SO fun..gotta try it sooner or later, fo sho. 34″ and under in diameter is the gnarly recommendation to avoid wonk. Wonk, a fantastic technical term in the hooping industry to illustrate when a hoop becomes “wonky” or out of shape. ie, not a circle.

1/2″ Polypro:

Lightning fast, feather light, and ultra thin. No more than 30″ OD, or else you may have a crazy noodle hoop.

3/4″ HDPE: 

Known as High-Density Polyethylene. Loved by beginners, and even craved by professionals. A bit more of a ‘spring’ to HDPEs responsiveness than Polypro, HDPE also offers a bit more weight for added control and decreased speed of tricks. Creamy, and semi-translucent white, naturally.

7/8 HDPE:

A beginners hybrid! A definite recommendation when you just are not sure but are sure you prefer a bit of weight and thickness to your tubing and flow. A lovely tubing size for those that desire a chunkier grip, heavier hoop, and slower flow all around.



Choosing your perfect diameter

Here is a trick that hopefully, magically fares quite well with most.

  1. Take your Height in Inches
  2. Divide in Half

Experienced hoopers: How close was this size to your go-to size?….before possibly becoming a freak and hooping with 27″ OD babies. (I am a freak)

Fresh Hoopers: This size may ultimately be your go-to size. For now, adding 2-3″ is best for optimum benefits all-around. The size and weight could offer some flow issues the first few days in, but after a bit of hoop love and tenderness, you will quickly explore, find, and drool over how much MORE you can learn with a hoop that does not weigh or slow you down


Need more information and help to decide on sizes? Contact us at and we’ll help you out


Originally published on February 19th, 2014 by Gnar Hoops

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