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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

Hooping Weight Loss Can Take Longer Than Expected


Heather Kirkendall (Photo above) – Weight Loss Advice

“Don’t give up if you’re in a lull. The hoop will not let you down. Try to stop concentrating on weight loss and put your thoughts inward. That is the best medicine”

My story:

I didn’t necessarily start hooping in order to lose weight. I started because I found it beautiful and very captivating to watch. I wanted to do what other hoopers were doing and I wanted to be really talented at something for once. The weight loss was an after-thought, and I was happily surprised when so much came off.

For me personally, my weight didn’t really start to come off in large amounts until I found my flow and started to enjoy hoop dancing for the very first time. The dance aspect was so exhilarating and burned so many more calories than just standing there drilling tricks. I found it so addicting that I couldn’t stop and spent up to 6 hours in one hot summer day hooping. I don’t know where I got the energy from, but it felt like it was a spiritual boost from my flow.


You may have seen this photo floating around before

It started really coming off around the 1.5 year mark, when my flow had just went through a transformation due to constant practice, determination and self-growth. I noticed that I was finally dancing, and finally free to move about spaces. I was exerting extra energy through dance. I found that advancing and down-sizing my hoops was helping as well. The smaller and lighter my hoops got, the more freely I moved and the more ground I covered in my dance!

Consider that this may be the key to getting your weight loss to happen! Everyone is different. Perhaps my success came from not focusing on weight loss, but focusing on my pure enjoyment of hooping and spending so many hours of my time doing it.

Here are some other stories of weight loss from other hoopers:

Carmen Ripley – Weight Loss Story


A photo of Carmen


I started hooping because my best friend did! I had always seen girls hooping at shows and thought it was cool so when my friend Kristen got a hoop I decided to too!

When I started hooping, I was probably around 120-125 pounds then, and now I’m 110. I hoop the most often now, and weigh the least right now. I didn’t start to lose the weight until about a month and a half ago, so I was 1 year and 3 months into my hoop journey when I started losing the most weight.

Kashmir Stivers – Weight Loss Story

kazy stivers beforeafter

Kashmir Stivers before and after

When I first started I was 260+ lbs, my heaviest was 280lbs, and I would always bounce . I started with a Walmart hoop as my first hoop and was extremely discouraged I couldn’t even keep it up then I found Unity (a hoop group on facebook) at the time and was gifted a beginner hoop! I slowly started to get the hang of waist hooping with it and would keep on body hooping a few hours a day building muscle. The first month I noticed I dropped 10lbs and my clothes where getting lose and actually fitting like they were supposed to.

So about 4 months in of non stop hooping everyday with the big heavy hoop, I decided to get my first polypro. I also noticed that by that time I dropped down to 220lbs and was so excited!! When I got my polypro I had no flow and had to get used to the weight difference of the new hoop and noticed my weight loss came to a halt, but I kept at it because it was fun. Around 6 months in I started finding a flow and moved around a lot jumping dancing and just having fun with my hoop! The more I danced and the more I learned, the less of me there was. I noticed once comfortable with the polypro hoop size/weight change, my weight seemed to melt off!! I am now a year into my hooping and went from 260+lbs to 138lbs and still losing.

Now within this year I did change my diet as well. I cut all meats and dairy from it and now that I’m a year into my hooping, I noticed all the saggy excess skin from dropping weight and from previous pregnancy before I started hooping. So about a month ago I added doing planks into my workout and also a few squats to tighten and tone.

I want to say to people out there that if I can do this, (I’ve been overweight my whole life) anyone can! Don’t ever give up. It will happen. I have psoratic arthritis and had issues moving with my joints in pain, and now my pain is more under control and I can move so much better.

A photo of what Kashmir looks like now!

A photo of what Kashmir looks like now!


The purpose of this article to to tell everyone that just because your weight didn’t come off immediately, that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to. I encourage everyone to take a look at their bodies, what works for them, their diet, other exercise habits and many other factors that could be preventing the weight from coming off. Some hoopers can use hooping alone for weight loss without changing anything else. Some hoopers have to change their diet and other things before hooping can do the work it is able to do. Stay motivated, my friends!


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