Hooping: What to do in the Winter Months

January 28, 2014 3 min read


Cabin fever?  Winter blues?  Yep, we’ve all been there (unless you’re one of the lucky Floridians or Californians who I see posting hooping videos in January, complete with warm beaches, shorts, and tank tops).  For the rest of us who don’t have mild winters, check out these ideas on where to hoop and what to do during the winter months. 


Utilize the Space You Have

  • If you don’t have much room in your apartment or house, try moving some furniture around. You’d be surprised how much space you can open up by moving or stacking some tables, chairs, etc.
  • Try hooping in your basement or garage where you might naturally have some open space (and high ceilings!).


Modify Your Flow to Fit Smaller Spaces

  • Practice moves you normally do, but make them tighter and smaller. For example, if you’re doing the two beat weave, try doing the move by only moving your wrist rather than your whole arm.
  • Use your small space as an advantage to improve touch, control, and manipulation of the hoop.  Challenge yourself.
  • Practice moves that are good for small spaces such as isolations, smears, on-body hooping, reverse current, etc.
  • Try using a hoop that is smaller in diameter, or try playing around with mini hoops.
  • Create drills and challenges for yourself such as having both hands on the hoop at all times, hooping while sitting, etc.


Find an Indoor Hoop Spot for a Price

  •  If you have the money, look into getting a gym membership. Most gyms have fitness rooms with mirrors and high ceilings, which make them great for hooping.  As a member, you should also be able to take advantage of the gym equipment and classes, such as yoga or zumba.  Doing so could prove as useful cross training for hooping (ie: practicing balance, flexibility, endurance, etc.).
  • If a gym membership is too pricey, you could look into renting out a storage unit. It may sound strange, but storage units usually have concrete floors an high ceilings which are perfect for hoop sessions. Check to see if it’s heated first, though!


Find an Indoor Hoop Spot for Free or at a Low Cost

  • The key is this is asking a locally owned facility rather than a chain or corporation.  Locally owned facilities are more likely to help and support you as a member of the community.  Ask them if they would allow you to use their space for personal hoop practice for free or at a low cost.  Explain your cause with passion.  You can even offer to give lessons, teach classes, or volunteer for various events hosted by the facility.

These places might include:

  • Your local YMCA
  • Recreation Centers
  • Dance Studios
  • Martial Arts Studios
  • Gymnastics Studios
  • Churches
  • Schools or Colleges
  • Community Centers
  • Fire halls
  • Other locally owned facilities that may have a gymnasium, basketball court, or an open room with high ceilings


Attend a Hoop Jam/Start a Hoop Jam

  • Check for hoop jams or indoor hooping events near you.  If there aren’t any, consider starting one up! Here’s how.

Teach a Class

  • This is great for you AND for other hoopers! This allows multiple people to have an indoor hoop space for the winter, and you’ll be fostering your local hoop community.  In addition, if you’re a teacher at a gym facility, they may even allow you to use their gym or space for personal practice before and/or after class.


Get Outside and Hoop Anyway

  • Yes, you might be cold at first, but the longer you hoop, the more you’ll warm up.  Not to mention, it can be rather magical to hoop amidst the falling snow.
  • If you’re bundled up with lots of layers and/or a heavy coat, try using a hoop that is larger in diameter.  Also, fingerless gloves or gloves with grip are great for wintertime hooping.

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