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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

How and Why to use Tags with YouTube Hooping Videos

Why Should I Use Tags?

While searching hooping videos, you may find that only a limited number of them come up in the search. Some hoopers like to name their video after the song they were hooping to, or some other title that doesn’t indicate hooping is in the video. You usually find these videos posted in groups or on pages, but not easily found using Google or YouTube to search. This article will help you add “tags” or also called “keywords” to your video and make them easier to locate. You will get more views, more shares, and are more likely to be featured on the popular hooping websites!

What Tags Should I Use?

Think like you are a person searching the internet for hooping videos. If you think most people will find videos by typing in “hooping on the beach”, then type that in. Don’t be afraid to use a large amount of tags. I like to use about 10-20 or so, depending on the video. Don’t be afraid to call it “hula hoop” or “hula hooping” as many people like to call hoop dance by so many different names. You may need to sift through some child hula hooping videos to find the ones you’re looking for, because sometimes adults will name their hooping videos with “hula hooping” in the title.

Consider Your Viewers


If you’re a tutorial poster, make sure to tag the video appropriately. For example, if you’re posting a tutorial on the wedgie, use tags like “wedgie tutorial”, “hula hoop wedgie”, “how to do the wedgie with a hoop” and so on.

If you’re a performance artist, include all pertinent information. It is wise to tag the city and perhaps other surrounding areas you’re willing to travel to. This is just in case someone nearby stumbles upon your video and wants to hire you. See example above.

Where and How To Enter Tags



Thanks for reading! I really hope this helps you with your YouTube video posting and helps increase your views! Visit the other resources on this website and bookmark it on your browser!


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