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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

How to Find Grace, Flow, and Fluidity

Hula Hooping Flow

“How do I find flow?”

This is such a common question that pops up in the world of hooping.  First, let’s talk about flow; before we can find it, we should know what it is.  Some hoopers believe flow and fluidity are synonymous, while other hoopers believe there are distinguishable differences between flow and fluidity.  Often, flow is defined as a state of mind—flow means letting go. When one is in the flow, it’s almost as if the hoop is an extension of one’s self—the hoop and the hooper are one.

Fluidity, on the other hand, is gracefulness and the smooth transitioning from one move to the next.  To be fluid does not necessarily mean you are in the “flow” mindset.

So, how do we get into this “flow” state of mind? How do we become more fluid in our hooping?


1.  Don’t over think it.

Flow is a shift in consciousness.  We find flow when we stop consciously focusing and transitioning from one trick to the next.  We find flow when we let go.  Allow your body and the hoop to move without thought.  Explore the space inside, outside, and around the hoop.  Ignore distractions.


2.  Step outside the box.

Play.  Experiment.  Try new things with the hoop.  Rather than trying to imitate tricks or trying to imitate the styles of other hoopers, create your own moves.  Don’t compare yourself to other hoopers.  Allow the music to travel through you.  Try hooping blindfolded.  Change up your music.  And as I said before, explore, explore, explore!


3.  Give it time.

Flow and fluidity take time.  I’ve found that one of the hardest things about being a newbie hooper is transitioning and flowing.  As a newer hooper, you are building up your “bag of tricks” and you are consciously thinking about how to go from one move to the next.  In time, though, you will have to think less and less about how to get from one move to the next.  You’re also building up yåour muscle memory.  Do drills, work on one move until you finally get it, and work on combination moves (aka a couple moves put together).


4.  Take a dance class or try dancing without your hoop.

Allow your body to move and dance without the use of a prop (hoop).  Find new ways to move your body.  Practice balance and flexibility.  Don’t judge yourself or criticize yourself. Let go and have fun. Open your creative channels. Let the music move through you.


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