How to Re-Size your HDPE or Polypro Hula Hoop

December 30, 2013 2 min read


So you have been hooping for a while now and you’re learning new tricks and progressing quite nicely. When you first got your hoop it was awesome and fit perfectly, but now that you are becoming a more advanced hooper, you wish that it was smaller and lighter. Guess what? YOU can make your polypro hula hoop smaller yourself with just a few simple tools and the know how. Below is a guide to making a smaller hula hoop from the existing one you already have.

Ideally, you should use these cutters to cut your hoop tubing. They are called “ratcheting pipe cutters”.

pipe cutters

Is your polypro hula hoop taped or not?

If it IS taped, when you cut it down it will not look as pretty because the tape job will not align anymore. It will still function just right, but the asthetics will be off.

If it is NOT taped, wahoooo, you’re in the clear.

Is your hoop a collapsible one or is it secured on each side?

Does is come apart with a push button connector or friction fit like this?



If it looks like the above, then you need to cut the tubing on the side that the push button connector goes into, NOT the one where the coupler is secured. You will cut the left side with the hole for the bottom hoop in the picture. You will cut the right side without the rivet for the top hoop pictured.


If it is a NON collapsible hoop as pictured above, then it doesn’t matter which side you cut, just pull the tubing off the connector on one side only. Its going to be hard to get apart, but if you use a hair dryer or put the hoop connection in some hot water for a bit, it will loosen it up and you will be able to separate the tubing. Another option is to cut the connector out completely by cutting the left and right side of the connection and have a new one handy to put it back together.

Ok, now that those questions have been answered, here’s how to do it.


Step 1

Separate the tubing and determine which side you are cutting from.

Step 2

Cut the tubing using some ratcheting tubing cutters or even a hacksaw.

Step 3 – If it is a collapsible push button style hoop

Take the push button out of its home. You can do this by getting a pair of needle nose pliers and grabbing the snap button and pulling it out.

Step 4

Slide the hoop together again making sure that you cut the tubing nice and flush so it joins up perfectly with itself.

Step 5

Grab a drill and drill a hole straight down through the tubing and into the already existing hole of the coupling.

 Step 6

Slide the snap button connector back into the coupling of your polypro hula hoop until it snaps through the hole.

Step 7

You’re finished! Now do some hooping!

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