Hula Hoop Halloween Costumes!!!

September 28, 2015 3 min read


It’s the first week of fall and we’re saying good bye to summer, and beach hooping. What better way to welcome fall than with Hula Hoop Halloween costumes. When you are a hooper, you want to be able to take your hoops with you everywhere you go. Right? Who can blame you? I know I don’t. Some Halloween costumes are more suitable than others to hoop in. Some of you may have found this out in the past years on Halloween. But there are also many ways to incorporate your hoops to be an actual part of your costume!!! Some ways are more user friendly than others though. 

If you want to use your hoops with your costume this year, check out this list of costumes with hoop components!!! 


1. Spider

this is a dream catcher costume but the dream catcher itself could also be art hung on the wall or in a window or open archway & there is a picture tutorial on how to make it - she used irrigation tubing for the frame but says you could also use a hula hoop - plus this is the perfect size to have if you have BIG dreams! :D :D :D:

You can become a spider by turning your hoop into a web and wearing black! Check out all the details on making this costume here!


2. Double-Stuff Oreos

Halloween---double stuffed oreos made with hula hoops:

Thats right you and a friend can turn into one of your favorite cookies!! Just cover your hoops in black fabric and draw on the print of the cookie for a quick DIY! Wear white to make sure you play your part as the cream filling!! For a few more pictures check out this blog where the idea originates from.


3. A hoop cage skirt

How to make your own high fashion cage hoop skirt - Hooping with Kids:

Get creative with this one!! It is futuristic looking and easy to make!! Check out the tutorial on how to make it here!!  I’m sure a few of you out there will know how to make this fit into an awesome costume idea!!


4. Saturn

Saturn Costume | 25 Galactic DIYs Inspired By Outer Space:

Pick a planet with rings and go crazy!!! This outfit is simple enough!! Make your torso look like a planet and add some rings for a quick and easy costume that you can actually hoop in!! Everyone will love watching you waist hoop and keep your rings in orbit!!! We found this little guys costume idea here but feel free to come up with your own versions and share them with the HoopTricks facebook page!!

5. In the shower

Homemade Shower Costume: This was my eight year old daughter's idea. We took an inexpensive shower curtain and hooks, hula-hoop, shower brush, lots of silver air-duct tape, cardboard:

How cute is this idea!!! Use your hoop to make a fake shower! Just wrap some shower curtain rings around it and attach a curtain!!

Check out the directions here!! I love her addition of a shower cap and face mask. Get creative with it!!

6. Sonic

Sonic Hedgehog Costume

We think this is a costume success! With this costume idea you can still use your hoop while it is a part of your costume!

You can buy a pre-made sonic costume or search the interwebs where im sure you will find many DIY sonic costumes. Heres one tutorial we found. Just add a yellow/gold hoop and youre good to go!

7. Lion Tamer

Lion Tamer Costume:

Choose your circus themed outfit and add a hoop with some fire colored fabric! BONUS points for real fire*!! Here is a DIY for this costume!!

*Remember to check if fabrics are flamable if you choose to use real fire.



What are your favorite ways to incorporate your hoops into your halloween costumes??

Leave us a comment and let us know!


If you use one of our ideas, we would LOVE to see photos of your completed costumes!! Share them to the hooptricks facebook page!!


Enter our like and share flow prop giveaway!!! 3 winners will be chosen after our facebook page reaches 6,000 likes!!!

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