Make money as a Hoop Dancer!

February 02, 2014 4 min read

*Guest Post by Hooping by Sarah”

If you’re hooper interested in making money doing what you love, you might be surprised to learn that there are loads of OTHER ways to make money as a hoop dancer.

When I first started my hoop business 4 years ago, I thought I had it ALL figured out. I would just perform and sell hoops and teach (and run myself ragged) and everything would be GREAT!

I made really decent moolah…enough to not have another job.

But I was tired and grouchy. Making 20 hoops to fill orders at 2am and have to get up the next day to answer dozens of emails about hoops before I performed or taught 3 classes sucked. Not having free time on the weekend sucked. Doing everything myself…sucked.

Thank goodness I invested in myself and took some business courses.(

I learned that focusing on my strengths (and ditching the rest) was how I was going to make this a sustainable business. Since last year I only focus on performing and teaching. I’ve never been happier and my income has grown as a result.

In this article, I’m going to show you:

*6 not so obvious to make money as a hoop dancer

*Why you don’t have to be the best to succeed (and what you need instead)

*The one thing that will keep you broke for years, and how to turn it around

What I won’t cover here: Performing, teaching & making hoops, because they’re obvious. I do talk about them a lot on my website (

Passive Income

Passive income is fabulous. You might be wondering what it is.

Passive income means you do the work first (to create a product) and then you just sell the product.

For example, my Hooping with kids teacher certification course over at ( is passive income because I only had to make the course once.  But I get to help hundreds of people over and over again with the course material whenever someone joins. Hurray!

Monetizing what you know is great because you do the work once.

Other examples of passive income include: DVDs, Books, Ebooks, etc.


If you have a large fan base (or a lot of views) on Youtube, you can make a fairly decent passive income by letting Youtube place ads over your videos. Creating video tutorials, interviews and other valuable offerings helps other people and you at the same time.

Your Ad Here

Similarly, if you have a popular website, you can let other people pay you to put their ad on your website. does this.


Busking ( is street performing for tips.

This is something I haven’t done yet, but here are some pointers:

*Bring music (not loud though) and wear something interesting so that people know you’re putting on a show.

*Have a great attitude. Smile and look like you’re having fun.

*Pace yourself. Performing at 100% is not sustainable or wise.

*Make a tip jar or bring a hat. Put a dollar in there so people know it’s the right thing to do.

*After your performance, take a bow and pass your jar/hat/tip vessel around the crowd.

Create something different

Create a hoop themed product. If you love making hoops, more power to you, but what I’m talking about here is doing creating something that nobody else had made before.

That’s how you stand out.

My friend over at Janetics Ink makes hoop-themed jewelry.

Hoop Pretty used to make the cutest hoop clothing.

What can you create that will help you stand out?

You don’t have to be the best

You don’t have to be the best to succeed, but there’s one thing you will need: Passion!

If you feel ho-hum about something, how on earth will you get other people jazzed about it?

The one thing that will keep your broke

When I first started in 2009, I had to borrow money to mail out my first hoop.

But I made a promise to my husband that if I wasn’t making a full-time income at my business in 6 months, that I would get a “real” job. Turns out I kept that promise, and then some!

I hear a lot of friends constantly complaining about money, moaning about how hard everything is and how broke they are, but the truth is, their ATTITUDE is keeping them broke!

In order to go from zero to full-time income, I gave my attitude about money a major makeover. (

Changing your relationship with money takes time and constant work, but it was one of the most important things I did. I’m a changed person!

Now it’s up to you, hoop dancer

You’ve just learned some surprising things to help you earn extra money as a hoop dancer. Did any ideas just jump off the screen and grab you?

Were you surprised that I said Passion is the one thing you’ll need? (I told a friend I was writing this, and her guess was “Money.” Wrong-o!)

Let me know in the comments below.

Learn how to turn your hooping hobby into a full blown business with my exclusive free video webinar. Get it here:


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