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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

Mistakes to Avoid While Recording Hooping Videos

Do you want to record and upload a really great video? Do you want many people to watch your videos, share them and watch them from start to finish? Here is a list of some of the most common mistakes hoopers make that greatly decrease the quality and watch-ability of your hooping videos.

I am guilty of making these mistakes and have learned so much over the years. I wanted to help everyone avoid the same mistakes I made. My advice is to do a test-run and record a 15 second video and then watch it back to see if it is usable footage or not. If it isn’t good, re-adjust the camera or the location to make it a better video.

Blinding Background Sunlight

We can’t even see the hoops because of the background sunlight. I am using doubles in this video, but you wouldn’t know it from this screen shot.


Light Trails from Background Light

I wasn’t paying enough attention to realize how awful these light trails looked.


Too Far Away from the Camera

Not only are we just tiny people hooping, but we are so far away that we are also blurry. I wanted to capture the fun of our hoop jam but I ruined the video by not paying attention to how it looked. I should have used a tripod down on our level.


Too Close to the Camera

You want to be the correct distance away so that your head or other body parts aren’t cut off.


Low Quality/Blurry

The biggest mistake is thinking you can fix or correct a video later on. Try to get a perfect video from the start, so that you don’t waste time with a bad video.


Portrait Orientation (Vertical Video)

Watch this video about why vertical videos are not recommended. This can get very irritating and can make a video very hard to watch. Why waste all of that screen space? You’re not free to move and dance if you have to stay in that one narrow area of video screen. Always make sure your camera is set horizontally (short and wide, never tall and skinny).

Too Dark

The general consensus is that people prefer to be able to see the person as well as their LED hoop when watching them. When I first got my LED hoops, most people did not like my videos and told me they wanted to see me lit up more, not just my hoops.


Too Bright

Just like a picture in photography, it is really hard to reduce the brightness of a video and have it come out nicely. The highlights are drowning out all color and detail.


Disorienting Over-Editing

I hate to use someone else’s video as an example, and I respect the videographer, editor and the hoop dancers in this video 100%. I am sure they worked very hard for a long time to achieve this. However, I was disappointed in how extremely over-edited this video was. I don’t think there is a clip that is more than 5 seconds long. I almost get nauseous watching this, as it flashes and changes scenes so often. When this video was released, I noticed most hoopers were disappointed in the editing and sporadic changes in shots. This video was incredible, but we wanted to see more flow and longer clips of the very talented ladies of Hooptown Hotties.


Do you agree or disagree with this list? Do you want to see something added to this list? Comment or participate in the discussion on facebook or other social media! 

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