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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop


1.) Bruises!

Unless you are some type of magical wizard – you are going to have bruises all over you through your hooping journey (most especially in the beginning of your journey and when learning new tricks). Not only will people think you are some kind of professional fighter, but they will also stare at you rudely at times. This is understandable though, our bruises are usually in some pretty weird places.

Stranger: “How did you get bruises between your thighs and on the sides of your ankles?”
Hooper: “I finally nailed the wedgie after hours of practice!”
Stranger: ” …… ”


Photo of Amanda – “Hula-ing my way to a toned bod”

2.) Hoop Lingo!

Hoopers have their own language – well almost. It will be a common occurrence that you can read entire paragraphs that will not make a lick of sense to someone unfamiliar with our beautiful hooping world.

Nina: “I just bought a 32″ Polypro with reflective tape from the The Spinsterz and found the discount code through the Hoop Tricks group! As soon as this baby comes in the mail it will be hard to let it set out to breathe for a while to take it’s shape, because I am going to want to find my flow with this new size hoop. Plus, all my other hoops were HDPE so, this will be even more fun! I bet I will be able to do some faster isolations with it too!”
Non-Hooper: “This information just does not make sense to me. What?!”

Photo by Melissa Stockwell

Photo by Melissa Stockwell

3.) Finding Gigs!

So many questions come along with finding an event to showcase your awesome hoop skills at – you will literally and figuratively jumping through hoops to find that next opportunity. Although, when you get that break – it feels so good! Plus, you are getting paid to do something you love while sharing your passion with others!

Photo by Lana Mae

Photo by Lana Mae

4.) Hoop Crushes!

No matter your sexual orientation or gender you will go through some hoop crushes that are usually half because you love watching them and half because you want to be them. This isn’t weird and is usually something you will see posted in social media often. Others may not understand, but you sure do you hooper, you!

Photo by Capture It KC Photography of Katherine Means

Photo by Capture It KC Photography of Katherine Means

5.) Confidence Boosts!

That moment when your hoop video gets an insane amount of ‘likes’ and views on social media! You log on to see whats going on in the interweb to find your newest video just got 500 views and 15+ likes in just a few hours and you feel like a boss for the rest of the day floating on your hula hoop love cloud!

Still shot of Sheri Alice Performance Art's video -

Still shot of Sheri Alice Performance Art’s video – Ambient Hooping

6.) The Hoop Left Behind

Oh, the regret. More than likely this happened only a few times before you started hoarding hoops in your car and in your closest loved ones cars! There is nothing like the gut wrenching regret a hooper will get when they walk into a venue/park/party and hear some good tunes (and maybe even see some fellow hoopers) and do not have you circle of happiness to bust out so you feel a bit lost.

Amber: “I cannot believe I do not have my hoop. How irresponsible of me?! What was I thinking?! I just want my hoop here so badly!”
Friend: “Amber, why are you going into the woods? What are you doing?!”
Amber: “Well, I am going to find some vines so I can make a make-shift hula hoop – isn’t that obvious?”

Hoops made by Lana Mae - Photo by Echo Muramaki

Hoops made by Lana Mae – Photo by Echo Muramaki

7.) Hoopable Clothing

By now you are probably a master at figuring out how to plan your outfit for any type of event that will enable you to flow freely. Also – yoga pants. ALL THE YOGA PANTS!!

Photo of Lana Mae by ChelsieTree Photography

Photo of Lana Mae by ChelsieTree Photography

8.) You hoop in your head.

While your other friends think about what they will be doing the next day or are submerged in a show – you are dancing in your head, coming up with incredible combos and sometimes even who routines. Also, this is most prone to happen at 2am when you cannot sleep or on a super long car ride.

Photo: Female Circus Performer Twirling Hoops While Standing on a Platform Stock Illustrations

Photo: Female Circus Performer Twirling Hoops While Standing on a Platform Stock Illustrations

9.) The pain of a destroyed hula hoop

Most people would not understand the pain associated with seeing your favorite hoop broken – even you, yourself probably never thought you would ever cry over a hula hoop before you started hooping. It is one of the worst feeling a hooper will ever have to feel. Also, you probably remember every single hoop you have ever owned, broke, and/or lost.

Photo by Lana Mae

Photo by Lana Mae

10.) All the questions from the muggles

I mean non-hoopers. Of course they will be curious so, they will ask away even if you are in mid-flow. Although, to them, they see an incredibly talented hula hoop master and have no idea this is a bit rude. These are your times to shine and teach about the love for hula hooping you share with thousands of other hoopers around the world!

Stranger: “What are you doing and how long have you been doing this for?”
Mallory: “I am hooping. I have been doing this for about a year now.”
Stranger: “POOPING? Huh, you are not even making sense.”
-sets hoop down-
Mallory: I am a hooper, HULA HOOPER. And I practice this every day, it is my passion.”
Stranger: “Well, I have never seen anyone use a hula hoop like that! Can I try?”
Mallory: “Um.. well this one here cost a little over 300 dollars so I can’t let you try with this one, but I can grab a day hoop from my car?”
Mallory: (Thinks – Did I stutter buddy? How much did you pay for your Xbox, huh?)

Photo by Lana Mae

Photo by Lana Mae

It’s a Hooper’s World!

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