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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

Ten Reasons to Date a Female Hooper

1. We’re fun!

Hooping is, in all reality, just having fun! Hooping makes us want to play all the time. You know those girls that sit around the house watching TV or glued to their phone? Yeah. That’s not us. We’d prefer to be at a show, at a shindig, or just spinnin’ it up outside. We’re energetic and a joy to be around. You will never have a dull moment.

2. We’re Confident!
Ever date a girl that constantly needs attention? Who needs you to tell her she’s pretty or she’s smart every damn day? Once again, you can avoid that with hoopers. Sure, we’re humble on the outside, but deep down, we know we’ve got mad skills. You don’t need to tell us, but we don’t mind if you do. All the same, we don’t need a man to tell us how amazing we are, the hoop does that for us.

3. We’re in Shape!
Truly speaking, looks shouldn’t matter. But hey, hoopers come in all shapes and sizes. If we have anything in common, it’s that we stay healthy. You wanna see a picture of us before we started hooping? Oh, you’ll be amazed. When you hug us, no doubt you’ll feel those muscles. Hooping is a work-out for your whole body; can’t get the pickle jar open? Step aside babe, those windmills have been working my biceps…I’ll open it for you.

4. We “Get” Physics…
Okay, so we’re not all math majors, but we understand the concept to physics. Why is that so cool? Uh, because physics is the science that makes us our universe, duh. If you’re dating a girl whose got a good concept of that, no doubt she’ll blow your mind with her brains. Stupid people don’t hula hoop, hope you can keep up with our wits…we’re ten steps ahead of you and full of clever surprises.

5. Your Friends Will Be Jealous…
Sure, that reason alone might not be enough to date someone, but think of it like this, have your friends ever dated a girl who can hoop on her foot, or nose, or knees, or shoulders…? Yeah, didn’t think so.

6. We’re Low-Maintenance…
Go out? Like, on a date? What do you mean I can’t bring my hoop? Why would we bother to go out? We have everything we need right here…look, speakers and a hoop…there’s not much more we need. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the show. If we wanna eat food, we can just make PB&Js.

7. We’re Cool With Your Chick Friends…
Hula hooping gives us a universal love for all creatures…that includes other girls. We’re not intimidated by your friends, hell, we’ll show them some moves! Other girls are fun to be around, they’re great hoop partners…why would we be bothered by that?

8. We’re Flexible…
All that stretching before and after hoop jams makes us flexible,. If we keep up with yoga, we’ll be able to contort into all sorts of positions. Do we use these bendy skills in bed? Hell-yes, we do.

9. We’ll Have Wild Adventures!
All those bruises, and hoop sessions has built our endurance up to the max. We’re not afraid to go crazy! Wanna climb the roof? We’ll follow you…and bring our hoop. You wanna get lost in the city? No big, when you run out of cash, we can hoop for change. You wanna jump off a cliff into a large, dangerous body of water? Please, we’re hoopers. Nothing scares us (except the idea of our Evokes getting wet).

10. We’re Committed.
Nothing spells out determination like nailing a double duck-out or a pretzel twist. We work hard at what we do, and we love it with every fiber of ourselves. If you want a girl whose going to stand by you and have your back through thick and thin…date a hooper.



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