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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

Ten Things to Expect When Dating A Hooper

1.) First and foremost you will find hula hoops in places you would never expect to find them – just trust us, we usually have a method to our madness.


2.) Yes, my hula hoop has to come with us EVERYWHERE. We know we have a hoop already stored in your car and at least a couple in our own cars, but THIS is the hula hoop I want to take to (insert any given place) and using the travel hoops isn’t going to cut it tonight.




3.) You might not catch your hooping significant other in jeans. We will dress up for you, but honestly we are mostly concerned on the “hoopabilty” of our outfits.



4.) Get ready to learn all kinds of new words, because we have a hoop lingo that is consistently changing. When your partner tells you they just nailed a double wedgie straight out of a vortex followed by a pizza toss; it is probably not what you think.


5.) We may look and smell like we have walked out of an explosion of some sort at times (most especially if we were fire hooping). You will need to learn to love our bruises and weird smells just as we have.

Spice-Feuershow-Hula-Hoops on fire

6.) If you wake up and we are not in a deep slumber next to you – check our go to hoop spot at home, we most likely woke up with a hooping combo in our head we just had to try out even if it is 3 a.m.


7.) We love to see you pick our hoops up, even if you only give it a few spins around your hand – you will have us smiling ear to ear. Also, we may even ask you to give it twirl from time to time.


8.) If we walk by the toy area in a store and see the hula hoops hanging – we cannot resist, sorry.


9.) You more than likely will have to carry a hoop or two for us at some point or a camera to capture that perfect hoop video moment – we really appreciate it, thank you!


10.) We may break things from time to time (in advance apologies), but the most amazing thing you will watch us breaking is our hoop (yes there is some hoop terminology for you) and if we are breaking, paddling, vortexing, and isolating for you – just enjoy the show. We love you and we love hula hooping so, please always be supportive – be our number one fan, because we will always want to woo you with our skills the most!


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