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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

The Beginner Hooper’s Guide to Choosing Hoop Sizes

The most commonly asked first questions from a beginner:

What kind of hoop do I need?

Where do I get one?

What do all of the tubing types mean and what purpose do they serve?

This will break it all down for you in one article.


The most important tip: Plan to get at least two hoops.

It is really difficult to learn everything with one hoop. Different sizes/weights serve different learning purposes. Get one larger hoop and one smaller hoop. If you will eventually want to use a smaller hoop for everything, getting a third medium sized hoop will help you transition easier. Note that the chart below is a general one. If you are tall or have a large waist, a 34″ may be considered “Small” for you.

The larger hoop is for learning on-body moves. For example: waist hooping, chest hooping, and shoulder hooping. The small hoop is for learning off-body tricks. For example: isolations, chest rolls, tosses, and coin flips.

hoop sizes1

A general guide to how big these sizes are in relation to a female and male body. An XL hoop typically comes up to the chest area, and a 20″ mini hoop reaches around the knee area.

Tubing sizes/Types


Photo Credit:

ID compared to OD. This can be used to describe the total size of a hoop as well. Some hoop companies measure OD while some measure ID.

ID compared to OD. This can be used to describe the total size of a hoop as well. Some measure OD while some measure ID.

Choosing your first (bigger) hoop:

Why you need a big hoop:

1. It goes around you more slowly. This is because there is more hoop to go around. The bigger the hoop, the longer it takes to make one full rotation around you. More time per rotation = easier learning and getting to know the hoop’s movements.

2. It is heavier and less likely to fall down. See photo below.

light vs heavy


Your height plays a small part, but your waist and shoulder size is much more important. Get one that is large enough to go around you and your waist at a comfortable speed. See photo below:

hooptricks help


If you bruise very easily or are taking blood thinners, you may need to stay with lighter hoops. Even if it hinders your progress, it is better than getting internal bleeding or heavy bruising.

Tubing of your big hoop:

If you do not bruise easily and you are of healthy age, choose 3/4″ PE (polyethylene) or 7/8″ HDPE tubing. What does”PSI” stand for? All you need to know here is that 160 psi is heavier than 125 psi. If you want a heavy hoop, get 160 psi.

Choosing your second (smaller) hoop:


With a big hoop, you would not be able to do a successful wedgie kick-up because it would be too large.

The reasons  you need a smaller hoop as well:

1. Lighter and easier to control with your hands

2. Less scary/dangerous while learning risky tricks (like chest rolls and tosses)

3. Small enough to do some tricks that can’t be done with a big hoop (example: wedgies and coin flips)

For your smaller hoop, you will want it to work well with your arm and/or leg length. Your height plays a bigger role in choosing your small hoop.

Tubing of your small hoop:

Choose 1/2″ PE, 3/4″ polypro, or 3/4″ HDPE tubing. If you bruise easily, choose polypro (the lightest).

Now that you understand everything about hoop sizing and purposes, here is the General Sizing Guide to help you place an order for your first pair of hoops! YAY!


Chart created by Melissa Stockwell

Where to buy and how much they cost:

You can find hoops in many different places. The most popular place to purchase them is on You can also try to find find local sellers if you do not want to order online.

Big hoops and small hoops brand new typically range from $20-$40 each, depending on the place you purchase from. Don’t be worried about the price. $20-$40 for a sturdy, well-made hoop is very reasonable. $5 mass-produced hoops from Walmart will break in an instant and are not meant to last. Check here: The Pros and Cons of Department Store Hula Hoops.

Also take shipping, reviews, customer satisfaction, and reliability into consideration. Do your research before purchasing from an unknown place.


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