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What Type of Hooper are You?
Just like genres of movies – there are hooper genres! We may cross over into a couple different categories, but there are certainly different types of hoopers – which ones are applicable to you?

The Lurker
Now, you may have been hooping for 3 years or as little as a month, but you do not feel like posting pictures or videos of your hooping adventures – and if you do they are for your personal collection. Even though you may bring your hoop with you everywhere you will shy away from hooping if you feel like there is too much attention brought to yourself. Also, you find yourself staying up all hours of the night watching videos of other hoopers to find inspiration and usually you end up hooping until you get whatever move you just awed over – but no one will be seeing it anytime soon, you want to perfect it!! “The Lurker” is not only a type of hooper, but I also believe that it is a stage we all go through in our hoop journeys.

The Social Media Megas
If you open your eyes to 300 new comments on your Instagram photo you posted of yourself hooping the night before – you are probably a Social Media Mega. You have accounts dedicated to the adventures you take with your plastic circles of love! You probably even have people who will question your well being if they do not see a video of some hoop skills for a couple days. You know all the trends happening in the hoop world and you were probably into them from the beginning! In a wired world – you are triumphing with your hoops!

The Technicals
You want to know the names to every move known to hoopankind. More than likely you also have lists and documented videos of these tricks and which ones you have/have not mastered. You may get frustrated with all this flow talk, because your technical tricks are your flow! You work on specific tricks for days until perfection and come up with mind blowing combos. Drills are part of your everyday life and you live for pushing yourself to new limits.

The Flowicans
You probably came dancing straight out of the womb. Influences the show up in your hoop sessions probably reflect a number of different dance styles and you may even get so into the act itself the hoop gets set down at points while you lose yourself in the music. Music is another thing that is probably extremely diverse for you – you can hoop get down to anything and everything! Your flow speed can range from turtle to tazmanian devil in 2 seconds flat and it isn’t uncommon to see in your videos!

The GlowGos
Blinking, bright, beautiful lights bring happiness to your heart that is unexplainable. You prefer to dance with your LED hula hoop over any other hoop. You spend hours watching LED videos, checking out cool trail shots, and think up ways to get that perfect lighting for your next shining performance video. You may own a lot of batteries – like a lot. Waiting for the sun to sink beyond the horizon so you can paint the sky with your LED hoop art is a daily ritual for you by now too. You are always the glowing dancing orb of hoop beauty everywhere you go!

The Pyromaniacs
It doesn’t matter when, where, or what time it is but you are ready to burn! Your clothes and hair have a lingering smile of fire, but you love it. You have different fuel cans stored places you visit just because you know once you get the itch to burn – you must scratch it! You probably dabble in other flow toys that can be lit on fire so that you can continue to enhance your relationship with the fire that is the same as the fire that burns deep in your soul!

The Circus Spinners
You have a trunk full of costumes, make-up, and most certainly a bright red nose. Your hoop sessions may be from an aerial hoop hanging high above the ground, juggling multiple hoops, or while dancing on stilts. Your videos hardly consist of single hoop flow sessions and most usually have some humor in them. You are known in your town for stopping cars as you practice in your yard and you might be frequently asked to attend birthday parties – in full costume! You have a ton of tricks up your sleeves and make sure to leave everyone smiling!

The Multiplets
Four hoops are the minimum for you, sometimes you will rock three, but you prefer having as many hoops spinning on you as possible. You probably nailed the box hoop trick before a lot of single hoop tricks. The struggle for paying for multiple identical hoops (most especially LED and fire) is real. No matter what type of hoops you are spinning though, you are certainly always a show stopper with strong arms and a passion to push yourself!

The Silver Spinners
You have had a hoop in your hand for over 5 years now. You have watched an evolution in the hula hoop world from seeing a few hula hoops spinning at a music festival to seeing thousands of people from all over the country, of all ages, all different styles & methods post pictures and videos of themselves at huge events dedicated only to hooping. You may not know the names to all the tricks that become fade tricks, but you have probably been doing it way before anyone even knew how cool it was! Also, you were probably a member of HoopCity and subscribed to every Babz Robinson, Brecken Rivera, and Lisa Lottie video available on YouTube!

The Hoop Babies & Hoop Mama/Papas
The hoop world is something you were brought into by a family member or friend that stuck with you for months teaching you everything you built your foundation on if you are someone’s hoop baby. This can quite literally apply to being a child of a hooper, the hoop has been spinning down for generations now! Taking on the role of a hoop mama or papa is an amazing an honorable thing. You have changed someone’s life and will probably be connected to them forever. Also, you will never shake the proud feeling you get when you see your hoop baby nailing new tricks and conquering things that they thought they never could!

There are an endless amount of different types of hooper genres that make up our hula hoop loving community – these are just 10 that seemed most fun to highlight and most hoopers can relate to at least one of these! When it comes down to it though, we are all just one big beautiful world-wide congregation of people that use the art of hula hoop dance to bring indescribable happiness to our lives!


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