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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

When Hoopers Get Ready to Go Out

Featured Image Above Submitted by Brie Mealey

Now that you’re a hooper, you may have noticed how different it is to get ready to go out. There are so many questions and so many things you have to decide if you will need! No more just walking out the door with your wallet and keys. The world is a different place now.

If you’re an over-thinker or anxious person like me, getting ready might take some time and planning! I like to be prepared for everything and anything. Even if you’re laid back, you may recognize these thoughts!

Thoughts that hoopers may have:

The most important question: Will I be hooping at this place?

If the answer is yes, get prepared for a whole slew of new questions. Here they go!


A photo I took of my friends hooping outside at Freedom Falls in PA. Left is Andrea McMahon, right is Kait O’Brien

Will I be inside or outdoors?

This is important. Outdoors usually means more space, more hoops to bring! Wait! outdoors means bugs! If its outdoors, I will need bug spray. Maybe a dryer sheet to put in my hair to keep the gnats away (yes, that works!).

Indoors means probably less space. Better bring my smallest hoops so I don’t break things or take up too much space!

What is the temperature of this place? I better check the weather forecast!

I’ll have to dress in less clothing if it will be hot. I’ll have to bring extra water if its hot!

I’ll have to bring a hoop friendly sweater and specific pants I am able to hoop in if it will be cold. I also might want to bring a jacket. ugh. Maybe I shouldn’t go.

Is it going to rain?

I shouldn’t bring my LEDs if its going to rain. Maybe I should bring an umbrella!

How long will I be hooping there?

A long time away will require at least more water/drinks and a meal to satisfy my hunger. I do have low blood sugar so I may need to bring lots of food. Are my pets cared for at home? These thoughts could take a while depending on your home situation.


My World Hoop Day Snack from 2014.

Will it be dark or daylight?

If I’m going out in the evening, I might want to bring my LED hoops and glow-in-the-dark toys! I might not be able to see my day hoops in the dark. So I can’t forget my batteries, too!

If I’m going out in the daytime and will be back before dark, I won’t bring LEDs.

What if its windy out?

I secure my hair with a headband and a tight hair tie. I consider leaving behind my 5/8″ small polypros and taking my heavier 3/4″ hoops so they don’t blow away with every pizza toss! Haha but once you get used to 5/8″, its hard to go back to 3/4″. I know

Will there be music?

Is anyone providing music or am I supposed to provide it? I have more than one portable speaker, so am I going to bring the small quiet one, or the larger louder one? Will I just be using headphones and quietly hooping off in the distance by myself?

sarahlee mansker

Photo of Sarahlee Mansker’s bag for hooping!

Hoop jam or flow arts jam?

Am I going to hoop exclusively, or am I bringing my other toys? I may want my flow wand, juggling balls, poi, or something else!

What shoes do I need?

Will I have the option of going barefoot? If not, I will need hoop friendly shoes to protect my feet.

Will I need my camera?

Oh dear, if I need to take video or get pictures, I will need my camera and probably my tripod! Add those to the list!

Did I bring my cell phone? 

My bag is really full by now! Maybe I will get one of  these, like Jasmine has!

jasmine kienne stuff

Photo of Jasmine Kienne’s bag of gear!

What questions or concerns do you have when you’re getting ready to go out hooping? What thoughts cross your mind? Comment and join the discussion on social media!



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