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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

Where to buy hula hoop supplies: Part 2

Updated on April 18th, 2018 by Amanda Carson

Where to buy hula hoop supplies: Part 2

Now that you’re on your way to starting your own hula hoop business it’s time to get some supplies. In Part 1 – Making money selling hoops online we gave a basic rundown of starting a business that sells hula hoops online and your homework was to choose a name and possibly even purchase a domain. If you didn’t get your domain name yet, you should. I only say this because once the idea or name is out there in the universe, its fair game for anyone to pick up on it and make it happen before you.

The next step in starting your hooping business is figuring out your supply chain. For most people starting out they will want to order their tubing from a reseller instead of getting it extruded directly from a factory. There are a couple places I will recommend for getting your bulk tubing depending on what type of Hoops you are going to make. Currently in the hooping world polypro is all the rage for the more experienced hoopers and those that are wanting to up their hooping skill level. BUT, these are not the ONLY type of hoops you could sell, there are many markets to choose from.

Hooping Markets

Hooping Fitness & Weight Loss


This is a market not many people often think of when they think of hula hooping, but the consumer health and fitness sector is HUGE. Last year alone (2017) an approximate 85 BILLION was spent on health club memberships, fitness products, weight loss supplements, activewear and yup, you guessed it, weighted hula hoops.

Hooping Performance & Professionals


This is a pretty varied market as many people are aspiring to become performers or working their way to making a living from teaching. Most of the professionals in the hooping world opt for the ever popular polypro hoop . There are SOOOO many sellers out there including The Spinsterz and Synergy Flow Arts.

Beginners, Kids and lovers of heavier hoops


While this market is very diverse and the largest of all the people you could sell hoops to, it’s a little harder to target your exact audience. Most of the people in this segment are using traditional Polyethylene hoops. These were the beginning of adult hoops and are typically made from the black tubing you find at Lowes, Home Depot and other hardware stores. You can check out our kids and adults hoop package to get an idea.

 Where do I buy my hoop tubing?

If you do want to go BIG and get it straight from the source, call up Hudson Extrusions and they will get you going. It’s fairly expensive to go this route, but if you are selling in large quantities, this will be your avenue of choice.

Polypro Tubing Suppliers: Synergy Flow Arts, Superhooper, Hoopologie and, of course, The Spinsterz. Because you’re obviously interested in this topic we’d love to give you $15 off your first order of bulk tubing! Use code ZYI5O3A3E97 at checkout on The Spinsterz site. These are the top sellers we recommend buying from, there are plenty of other people selling raw tubing on Etsy and their own websites, but their prices will likely be higher.

Polyethylene Suppliers: Try Lowes, irrigation stores or Home Depot (though I don’t really like their tubing anymore) You can also get it from online irrigation supply stores.


Deep sea polypro tubing in 3/4 inch

Connectors and putting the hoop together

Polyethylene Hoops: You’ll want to get those grey connectors in the same isle you found the tubing. There are a few varieties of these connectors and they are all a little bit different. I personally prefer to use the ones manufactured by Genova Products; Hardware World is the cheapest place I have found to buy them thus far.

Polypro Hoops: Most people use tubing that is slightly smaller than the connector to create a coupler. We were previously using custom machined aluminum couplings that were super light, strong and long lasting, but they were quite expensive. A few companies; ourselves (The Spinster) and Synergy Flow Arts are now using a custom cut Polycarbonate connector that has been a game changer for how your collapsible polypro feels and reacts.


Polycarbonate connectors for polypro hoops.

I could go into how to build the hoop, but that will have to wait for another post.

Hula Hoop Tape

DON’T use duct tape, its just ugly as sin and feels all slick and weird. Hoopologie has a vast variety of colored tapes and is based in the USA.

For those that are outside of the US, check out in Canada and Fancy-Tapes in the UK

Have any questions that we didn’t answer? Send us an e-mail at

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