Why Hoopers Should Use YouTube More Often

October 21, 2015 2 min read

You may have noticed that YouTube hooping videos aren’t getting the same attention as they used to. Yeah, we know the ads can get irritating and being taken away to another screen can take a few seconds longer than we like. However, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages!

Why should hoopers spend more time with YouTube?

1. You can search for videos you want to watch. You can then sort the results by upload date, type, length, video quality, view count, popularity and more.

2.  You can get email notifications when your favorite hoopers upload new videos if you subscribe to their channel.

3. You can use way more songs without getting in trouble for using them. I recommend using the YouTube audio library and their list of ad supported music.

4.  You can monetize your videos to earn cash if your videos get lots of views and traffic! Typically, it takes around several hundred thousand views to be profitable, but hey you can always try. However, you can only monetize videos that don’t use most music. Tutorials are an excellent way to make some money this way, as long as you don’t use copyright music in it. Consult the audio library list in #3 to see which songs you can use and monetize.

5.  You can slow the videos down or speed them up while you watch them! Turning videos into instant slow mo tutorials! Here’s how: Article on how to adjust YouTube video speed

6.  You can choose your level of video quality (low quality all the way to Ultra HD). This allows you to watch videos in low quality to save internet data or high quality to see details.

7.  You can make playlists of videos. You can make a list of off body tutorials, on body tutorials, advanced hooper videos, beginner hooper videos, videos with good music, or whatever you like!

8.  You can watch the video without getting distracted with other things on your screen (such as facebook private messages)

9.  Upload a customized screen shot or photo for your featured video image (including text).

10.  Upload channel art to make your YouTube channel look fancy!

In addition to that, you can use your channel to add links to many of your other websites and pages! I know that only watching facebook videos or 15 second Instagram clips are tempting but it sometimes makes it hard to go back to them or remember them if you loved it. Discover all of the benefits of YouTube and let’s get back into using it like we did in the old days!

Search through this website to find our other articles on how to use YouTube!


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