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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

Why Your Flow is off Every so Often

In this past month, have you felt lethargic about hooping? Can’t get tricks you were landing months ago? Are your LEDs crapping out? Burned yourself fire spinning? Late to a performance…?
Personally, I’ve been in a total flow-funk myself. Luckily, I’ve got some cosmic friends who explained exactly what’s going on. I thought I would help you guys out, too.
Now, to be real here, I never believed in the zodiac or planetary alignments; well, not seriously. However, the Mercury Retrograde has certainly swayed my views on that.
So what is the Mercury Retrograde?

To sum it up, about three to four times a year, Mercury will slow down, stop, and then appear to move backwards. To an astrologist this is fascinating, but to a hooper…not so much.

At the same time, it’s important to be aware of. Mercury is a planet of logic, intellect, travels, most of all, communication. As a hooper, we use logic and intellect when we learn new tricks or create combos. We travel to our performances, festivals, and lessons.

Most importantly, we use communication. Perhaps not in the way you would imagine, but we communicate with our bodies and our spirits. We all feel the connection between mind, body and spirit when we hoop, but if this communication is off, it will most certainly effect our flow.

If you look at it from a micro perspective, everything uses communication; electricity, for instance. Anyone else having technical difficulties with making videos or using LEDs?

Some forewarnings to hoopers during this time…

-Don’t make any commitments

Clouded communication can scramble everyone’s vision. Committing to something could open an ugly can of worms.

-Don’t order any new hoops…for now.

Because Mercury also governs travel, there’s a good chance your hoops may get lost in the mail, or take some time to reach you.

-Don’t start a new project…

Again, I can’t stress how much fog would get between you and your project.

I know this is a confusing and frustrating time, but hang in there!

To help you get through, try some alternative means of flow. Try improving on things you already know; such as hooping on the waist-only to help feel grounded and centered. Practice simpler things you learned earlier on. Get nostalgic…in a good way.

If you can, try taking a little break from the hoop and just dance freely and openly. After this is over, returning the hoop will give you a clean and fresh perspective!

The Mercury Retrograde will last from June 9th until July 1st. There’s a good chance water and air signs will be more effected by this, since this is mainly where the grade is taking place. However, this depends on your personal connection to the cosmos.

I hope I helped you, hoop-family!

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