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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

You Know You’re a Hooper When….

As we connect with our hoop practice and make it a natural routine in our lives, it is unsurprising that we become so involved in anything hoop-related. Many of us change our lifestyle habits and preferences to accommodate hooping. Below, I created a list highlighting some of my personal experiences being a hooper. It would be great to hear your own anecdotes in the comments section below! Without further ado, you know you’re a hooper when…

1. Anything that remotely looks like a circle is a ‘hoop’.

2. You tend to collect anything that looks circular- hoop or otherwise.

3. You spend most of your money on hoops.

4. Your savings are going straight towards that smart LED hoop you’ve always wanted.

5. You are an easy person to buy presents for, since your ideal gift is anything hoop-related.

6. Your non-hooping friends know you as “the one who hula hoops”

7. At least half of your Facebook friends are hoopers.

8. Your social media feeds are 99% hoop-related.

9. You urge all your friends and family to take up hooping.

10. You secretly (or not-so-secretly) want to transform your significant other into a fellow hooper.

11. You practically melt at the sight of your significant other playing with your hoops.

12. You don’t travel anywhere without your hoop.

13. You hoop while reading, texting, eating, yoga…

14. You dress in a way that will give you the most freedom to hoop.

15. You live in tank tops, short shorts, leggings, harem pants, onesies, and clothes made of natural textiles.

16. When you’re not hooping you are most likely watching hoop videos for hours on end.

17. You can distinguish between all the smart LED hoops on the market due to binge-watching so many hoop videos.

18. You can tell the subtle differences between colour-morph tapes.

19. You’ve become interested in sacred geometry.

20. You have names for each of your hoop “babies”.

21. You periodically clear out your phone, camera, and laptop in order to create space to record more hoop videos.

22. You can listen to Pretty Lights, Gramatik, Bassnectar, and Beats Antique on repeat.

23. You daydream about hoop combinations and find yourself imagining and sequencing your flow.
24. You also dream about hooping.

25. You can say things like “I love wedgies” without flinching.

26. You casually talk about things like “one-handed helicopters” or having a “hoop jam” to your non-hooping friends before realizing they probably don’t know what you are talking about.

27. You have a “flow crush”

28. You’ve already obsessed over all the viral hooping videos before your non-hooping friends have tagged you in them.

29. You keep some kind of hoop journal or flow diary.

30. You procrastinate by hooping.

31. You can hoop for hours without realizing how much time has passed.

32. Whenever you see a cheap hula hoop or fitness hoop at the store you can’t help but to pick it up and give it a spin.

33. You take your hoop outside in warmer weather like your life depends on it.

34. It is a goal of yours to hoop at a festival (or as many as possible, if you’ve already done so)

35. You often seek spaciousness everywhere. In various locations like houses, bars, venues, gyms, etc. all you look for is enough space to hoop.

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