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Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop

YouTube Video Tips for Hoop Dancers

Repost from our previous blog site – originally published on September 4, 1015

Are you a hoop dancer looking to make your Youtube mark but not sure how to make something memorable, leaving viewers coming back for more? I started my YouTube channel back in 2011, armed with giant HoopGirl Hoops, eager friends, and windows movie maker, having no idea what I was doing besides putting videos online. As time passed, I developed my video making, sharing, and content creating skills.

Four years, eighty-eight videos, and 550 subscribers later, here I am to share with you an oldie but goodie Youtube tutorial, by yours truly, on how to increase your viewership and create better, attention-holding content, just for hoop dancers! Unless you get lucky and your video becomes a big hit, stick to these tips and let your hard work speak for you.

What to remember:

1. Be Consistent!

  •  Regular video creating and sharing=regular subscribers and views

2. Format your videos

  • Have a video introduction and credits

3. Create a watch-able video.


Do you have any Youtubing tips of your own? Leave them below!



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