Beginner Hula Hoop - Aquatic Bachata

Size Guide
  • The Aquatic Bachata hoop is a brilliant display of blues and teals, with stripes of white.

Tubing Weight

  • Dance Hoop = 3/4'' OD 100 PSI, 1LB
  • Fitness = 3/4'' OD 160 PSI, 1.5LB
  • Resistance = 3/4'' OD 250 PSI, 1.7LB

    Hoop Specifications

    • Option to make your hoop a travel hoop.
    • Choice of weight
    • 3/4" ID tubing
    • Decorated in layers of metallic and grippy gaffer tapes
    • Handmade in Bend Oregon
    • Hoops coils down for travel with the single push of a button or comes apart into 4 sections depending on your choices above.



      We know that not everyone knows exactly what they need, so that’s why we put together “The Perfect Fit Guide” to help you choose the perfect hoop that will be fun to spin and help give you the fitness goals that you have set out to achieve.

      Many times a week we hear people ask, “What size is right for me?” To best answer this question we have broken our guide up into two parts, WEIGHT and SIZE.



      Fitness & Dance hoops are generally made from polyethylene tubing and range in size from 3/4" to 1" in outside diameter. Another way to think of it is how thick the hoop is, the thicker the hoop, the heavier it will be. 

      Dance Hoop

      • 3/4" 100 PSI Polyethylene
      • Weighs approx 1 pound
      • This tubing is best for someone that is either already familiar with waist hooping or that falls into the category of a small-medium waist, 5'5" or smaller and under 140 pounds.
      • Actual outside diameter measures 95"
      • Black tubing typically found at hardware stores

      Fitness Hoop

      • 3/4" 160 PSI Polyethylene
      • Weighs approx 1.5 pounds
      • This hoop is a little heavier and will, in general, be easier to hoop with if you are an absolute beginner. This hoop is best for someone that is looking for a good workout or looking to lose weight.
      • Actual outside diameter measures 1.1"
      • Black tubing typically found at hardware stores


      • 3/4" 250 PSI Polyethylene
      • Weighs approx. 1.7 pounds
      • This hoop is a big one and honestly feels really nice as it is rolling around your body. This hoop feels like it is massaging your internal organs and your belly, which is actually a good thing and helps to get the blood moving as well as detoxify your body. This hoop is best for someone with a Medium - large waist, 5'6" or taller and upwards of 190 pounds. 
      • Actual outside diameter measures 1.25"
      • Black tubing typically found at hardware stores