Dance Transition Hoop

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This dance fitness hoop is made with our slender fitness tubing, making it more lightweight and able to hold shape at a smaller diameter than our standard fitness hoops.  This makes it a perfect hoop to help transition from a heavier fitness hoop to a light weight polypro dance hoop.  

Alternatively, if you have already been using polypro hoops, this is a great conditioning hoop.  The added weight will help strengthen your wrists and arms as you practice off body tricks and isolations.  Slow down your movements so that your muscles have to do the work when you remove the hoops own momentum. 

Shopping for a small teen or pre-teen hooper?  We use this size for many youth circus and dance programs. The thinner fitness tubing caters to the small hands of our future hoop stars. 


  • Hoops are made from Polyethylene tubing (black stuff typical to hardware stores)
  • Tubing is ½”  125 psi
  • Each hoop is 32” OD
  • All hoops detach and coil down to a smaller size for travel
  • Hoops are wrapped with decorative metallic Sparkle tape, and grippy gaffer tape


The Spinsterz Advantage

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