Kids Hoops on Sale

Size Guide
Beginner Hula Hoop Size Chart
The Spinsterz Beginner Hula Hoop Size Chart
  • Here's your chance to grab up a kids hoop at a discounted price!

These hoops are placed on sale because they don’t fit our requirements to be sold as a new hoop on our site. Being customer returns or practice hoops from new employees, they might have a scratch, the tape might be scuffed or unevenly spaced, it might not make a perfect circle, or the connection might not be a tight line.  Some are actually in perfect condition but made with colors that we didn’t choose to feature on the website. Regardless of their imperfections, every hoop works great as a hula hoop. We tried them just to make sure!


Photos are accurate colors but not necessarily the actual hoop, for instance, the hoop may be scuffed or scratched but not shown in the photos. 


Once a sale hula hoop has been purchased, it is gone.  If it shows up as Out of Stock, that means someone beat you to it!


Here is how to read the codes on each hoop photo:

  • The initial letters help us identify the hoop by color when you place the order

  • The LAST two numbers refer to the hula hoop size measured to the outer diameter (ie: 41 = 41” diameter hula hoop)



If you are a beginner, larger diameters make it easier to learn.  


Sale items cannot be returned or exchanged and DO NOT fall under The Spinsterz 6 month warranty