Acrylic S Staff aka Buugeng

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  • The Black or White S Staff is super fun to play with and allows you to create mesmerizing shapes and patterns.

Acrylic S Staff aka Buugeng

  • Super strong Neodynium magnets holds buugeng together and allows them to pivot
  • Middle hold allows for easy finger and thumb spins
  • Configurable in many shapes and forms with additional pieces supplied



  • Total weight 550g all parts.
  • 6 x Magnet Metal Cover/Lids
  • 6 x Neodymium Magnet in Nickel plated Cold Rolled Steel Cup
  • S configuration total length = 68cm, 26.5inch
  • Blade thickness 6mm, 1/4inch

Note: Sold as one SINGLE unit, not 2 S-Staffs, just 1.


Check out all the shapes you can make!