Customizable Luminescence Diffraction Glasses

Utilizing the latest in electroluminescent technology and combining it with our one of a kind diffraction glasses, we are proud to introduce the first EL Wire Diffraction Glasses!


LED Light Up Luminescence Diffraction Glasses

Clip on the battery pack and you are ready to rock your own personal light show.

Choose your favorite color. Then, customize them with your favorite color Luminescent Wire!

Designed with luxury and built with quality materials, these glasses will out perform any competitor. The sleek look and feel of these glasses will blow your mind from the moment you put them on. See and be seen in a whole new way with these Customizable Luminescence Diffraction Glasses.

Inverter type: 3-Mode. The 3-foot wire on the battery pack makes it easy to tuck away or clip on your belt. Our 3-Mode mode features Off, Solid On, Flashing, and Quick Flashing.

Crank up the color and set your imagination ablaze with these memorable and stimulating glasses!


Your Benefits

  • Battery Powered Illuminated Frame
  • Choice of Frame & Wire Color
  • Laser Etched Hard Plastic Diffraction Lenses
  • Batteries Included (2 AAA OR 4 AAA)
  • Inverter Type: 3-Mode
  • 3ft. Wire To Clip Battery Pack on Belt, Pants, or Shirt
  • High Quality Craftsmanship
  • Made in the USA

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