Mephisto Fire Juggling Clubs

Take the world-famous PX3 technology and light it on 🔥, welcome to the MEPHISTO!


Take the world-famous PX3 technology for unmatched durability, combine it with X-GRIP, a special thermo-shrink rubber grip that provides great protection against high temperatures, fantastic grip and high resistance to contact with any type of fuel, top it all with our 100% PURO KEVLAR WICK and you have the MEPHISTO, a super strong torch with excellent weight and balance, long-lasting flame and the grip of your dreams. Sold PER CLUB.



  • Length 19.5"
  • Weight 265 gr
  • PX3 technology inside
  • 100% KEVLAR WICK 
  • 20" of 2" wide Kevlar wick 
  • Rubber protection ring
  • White PX3 knob, tape and body for easy tracing in the dark


Price is PER CLUB

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