Juggle Dream Contact Staff 4.11'

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A quality contact fire staff should provide ample momentum even at slow speeds and this model does just that.


Juggle Dream present their 1.5m / 4.11' Contact Fire Staff - slightly heavier than their standard fire staff and suitable for experienced fire spinners. The 4.9' version comes equipped with 2 x 4" sections of high-quality Para-Aramid fire wick.

The ends of the shaft are blocked with 2 wooden plugs covered in thick heat-resistant aluminum to stop the flames traveling through the tube keeping the shaft's temperature low. To finish off this staff the center of the body has a long (35cm) shock absorbing, non-slip, padded hand grip. 


  • length - 150cm / 4.11 feet
  • Wick - 4"
  • Weight - 28.5 ounces
  • Made from Aluminum