Fire S-Staff 4" Wicks

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High-quality fire S-staff or Buugeng made from 19.1mm aluminum pipe, 4" wicks and nice grippy handhold.



  • Optimum size for doubles.
  • Sold as a pair
  • Fantastic illusions will dazzle onlookers.
  • No exposed metal on the fire heads or the ends of the pole on our design - protects your skin from those hot metal surface burns.
  • No joins for superior strength.
  • The padded handle provides a more comfortable grip.
  • Polyurethane non-woven handle outer for optimum grip on stave's


  • 19.1mm aluminum Pipe
  • Length 31" from tip to tip
  • Curve Radius 7"
  • Straight end measures 4"
  • Handle Material: Synthetic Leather (Polyurethane non-woven)
  • Total of 24" of 4" wide x 1/8" thick Kevlar ® wick.
  • Weight: 15.9 Ounce (450g)