Dirt Cheap Polypro Hoop

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WAhoooooo! You've just found the BEST quality and the cheapest priced polypro hoops for sale online! 

Damn you should get an award or something 🏆


So what's up with these polypros anyway? Why are they so dang cheap?

These hoops are PERFECTLY functional and will work for you just fine. 

They are cheap because we vend at festivals and sometimes the hoops we make don't sell. I guess when you bring 300 hoops to a festival, you can't expect to sell them all! 


Sometimes people order hoops that are not right for them and they return them to us. When that happens, sometimes they get a slight scuff on them when they are shipped so we can't sell them for full retail value......

.....I mean, we could, but I feel like that would be being dishonest, so we don't.


I would say that 99% of these polypros are TOTALLY fine, nothing wrong with them at all, no blemishes or anything. 


To be totally honest, it's a LOT of work to take photos of the hoops, write out the listings for the website, inventory them, label them, etc etc. 

Offering a Dirt Cheap Polypro listing is just WAY easier, plus it benefits the heck out of you guys and gals. 

I mean, you are about to score a really good hoop for a really cheap price! 


What are you going to get?

  • You might get a purple hoop. 
  • You might get a taped hoop and you might get a bare hoop.
  • It might be 3/4" and it might be 5/8"
  • You might get a green one.
  • You might get a 3 section, 4 section or more!
  • You might get one that's multiple colors. 
  • You might get a $64.95 reflective hoop!
  • You might get a glittery one or a shiny one. 
  • A red one, blue one or rose one!


Pretty much, you're gonna get a sweeeet polypro for very little money AND you are gonna get it from us! 😍


You choose your size and we take care of the rest. 


Here are the facts:

  • You're getting a bare or taped polypro,
  • It's going to ship in 24 hours or less.
  • It's going to come with a sticker.
  • You're going to get it for only $16.95

You are gonna pee your pants with excitement......maybe....please don't 😂


......and then you are going to tell all your friends because you love them and you want them to save money too.

Except that there are a limited number of these hoops, so best of luck to you! 


NOTE:These hoops are NOT covered by The Spinsterz advantage warranty. NO RETURNS. NO FREE REPLACEMENTS. NO REPAIRS. PERIOD.

I mean, they are already dirt cheap!

Big phat discountS\s do not apply either. Please don't discount an already discounted hoop, you hurt us by trying to get a better deal than what you are already getting on this hoop. The entire Spinsterz family thanks you 🙏





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Emily P.
United States United States
So fun!

I LOVE this idea. I was a little nervous at first since I’m picky about things but i learned when it comes to my hoops, i love all shapes and sizes. I got the cutest little hoop in the most vibrant color. I love this because who doesn’t love a little mystery ?? :)

Julia K.
United States United States
Beautiful quality

This is by far one of my favorite hoops I have ever purchased! The quality is amazing & will be flowing with this product for many years to come!

Annie K.
United States United States

Picked this product because money is very very tight for me right now, plus I'm so indecisive with picking colors, and I am SO pleased with my purchase! Smooth connection, awesome, durable hoop! I could not recommend this option more!

Nikhila A.
United States United States
My first polypro hoop!

I ordered during the Dirt Cheap Polypro sale ... Got a taped 30" beautiful hoop. It stayed coiled for a month before it reached me but yay! It's a perfect circle. It's sturdy and light and reflects pretty colours in sunlight. Feels great to hoop with it. Not sure what the tubing size is - 3/4 or 5/8...would like to know that somehow. P.S. Really liked the hand-drawn heart on the invoice, that's a warm touch :)

Nikhila Anoth verified customer review of Dirt Cheap Polypro Hoop
The Spinsterz

Hey Nikhila! That's a 3/4 for the tubing size. :) Happy hooping! ~Amanda

Codi W.
United States United States
really nice!

great customer service and lots of great products to choose from. i'm just learning how to hoop and i was able to try all different sizes with the "dirt cheap polypro hoop". found a just right size for what i'm working on and now i can splurge on some nice sparkly ones! will be doing business with spinsterz again.