The Powerhoop Workout with Kerry Ferguson

Join Powerhoop Master Trainer Kerry Ferguson, Andrea Macpherson and Kevin d'Odemont ("Mr dod") as they take you through a fun, full-body, 45-minute home workout.

Think of a high energy Zumba style class with dance moves for both your hands and feet and you'll get an idea of what's contained in this HIGH energy workout DVD. 



Who's this video for?

This is a great video for someone that already has a solid on body hoop practice and can hoop for 10 minutes a day without seeing any bruising. 

This video is HIGH energy and will leave you feeling sweaty, worked, and very happy!

If you are newer to hooping I'd recommend starting with the Hoop Fitness - Core Activation Video.


How do I get the video?

Immediately after you purchase this product, you will be sent an email to the address you checked out with, with a link to download and watch the video.