Kids Dance Hoop -Limited Edition

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Finally, a durable little hoop for your smallest hoopers!  While most youth will struggle with the repetitive motion needed to keep a hoop going around their waist until ages 4-6, children of all ages are fascinated by this bright circle.  This is the size used for a majority of preschool - early elementary age programs. Whether they are waist hooping, sustained spinning, jumping through, or tossing it around their arms, this size allows the youngest in our families to enter the hoop world with a manageable size for their small hands.

Don’t be left out! Adults will also love this size to add hand and arm hooping to your fitness routine.  Ideal in diameter to start learning isolations and off body manipulation, the fitness style tubing will provide conditioning exercises to tone the arms and shoulders. 



  • Hoops are made from Polyethylene tubing (black stuff typical to hardware stores)
  • Tubing is ½”  125 psi
  • Each hoop is 28” OD
  • All hoops detach and coil down to a smaller size for travel
  • Hoops are wrapped with decorative metallic Sparkle tape, a soft vinyl tape, and a grippy gaffer tape

This limited edition hoop is ready to ship to its new home, and with only a few of each design available, you’ll want to order it before it’s gone!  Due to the nature of these limited offer hoops, we are unable to customize sizing or take any additional orders for the design.  Limited edition hoops are not eligible for returns or exchanges.


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