Tubing by the Foot

If you've wanted to try making your own hoops but are hesitant to buy a full coil of tubing, The Spinsterz is proud to offer Tubing by the Foot! With four different lengths of tubing available, there's no worrying about storage space or whether or not you'll use it all. Buy what you need for the hoops you need and go forth and create, young Hoopmaker!

What You Get

  • Choose from four different lengths of tubing, ranging from 20 feet (enough for two 34" OD hoops with a small amount tubing left over) to a full 100-foot coil
  • Strong polypropylene tubing
  • Ships in 48 hour or less!
  • Don't forget your Hoop Building Kits! Add a Polycarbonate Hoop Connector Package to 20, 50, and 75-foot coils!