Grow With Your Flow - 3/4"

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This is an ideal hoop for someone just getting into hooping with polypro tubing and wants to see quick results and decrease their learning curve.   

The Quick Facts

  • Hoop is made with 3/4" OD Polypro tubing
  • You choose your color
  • The hoop breaks down into 5 pieces
  • It converts into 7 different sizes.
  • Your hoop will come with instructions on how to easily assemble it to use different sizes. 

Sizes You Can Make

  • 26"
  • 27"
  • 28"
  • 33"
  • 34"
  • 35"
  • 36"

Hoop Size Configurations

When you receive your hoop each section is labeled for each of putting different sizes together. You'll get a handy instruction sheet and you can also find the configurations below. 

26" = 8+9+9
27" = 8+9+10
28" = 9+9+10
33" = 9+9+8+7
34" = 10+9+8+7
35" = 10+9+9+7
36" = 10+9+9+8 

Who is this Hoop For?

The ideal candidate for this hoop is someone that is brand new to hooping with polypro, or that loves 3/4" size hoops and wants to improve their hoop skills. 

First I want to talk about the beginner polypro hooper. 

When learning to hoop with polypro, you want to start with something bigger and heavier and work your way into smaller and lighter hoops as you progress. 

This hoop is made from 3/4" tubing and it features the largest size polypro we recommend you use, which is 36". This is because anything larger than 36" in diameter will start to warp and not look like a perfect circle.

As you progress as a hooper you can very easily change sizes with this hoop and start to step down your size as you improve. 

This is one of the TOP things that will help to improve your hooping, using different size hoops and learning how to adjust your flow to fit the size of the hoop. 

What is 3M Grip and Why Would I Want it?

3M is a brand name company that makes a special sort of tape that makes hooping magic! The tape itself has a very soft rubbery texture to it that works wonders in keeping the hoop on your body and not easily falling down. 

Some hoops, especially bare polypro can be very slippery on certain types of clothing. What this tape does is help grip your body and clothes which help keep the hoop from slipping down. 

The tape itself is applied to the inner ring of your hoop (the part that touches your body on the inside of the hoop). It is applied as a long thin strip along the length of the hoop.  

The Spinsterz Advantage

We are a step ahead of the crowd and offering the best service in the hoop industry. With every purchase from us know that we have your back should anything happen to you precious hoop baby. 

  • 6 Month 50% off replacement warranty
  • Lifetime FREE Repairs
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      Leah E.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      UV Yellow; great customer service!

      I absolutely love my hoop!! The only thing is the #10 tube's hole is a little too far out, so it doesn't snap into place with the other tubes--but so far I've made it work and had no real issues! Just have to push it back together every so often

      The Spinsterz

      Hey Leah! Thank you so much for sharing your experience! We love hearing how much you are enjoying your new UV Yellow Grow With Your Flow hoop >3 If you are still having issues with the 10" connection piece, please feel free to send us an email to We're always happy to help resolve any issues you may have :) ~George-Anna

      Lacey A.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Best hoop ever to grow with your flow!

      Best hoops ever! to grow with your flow whether you are a beginner or a seasoned hooper I highly recommend this hoop. My daughter and I hoop every day and we are just learning and we are so incredibly happy with our hoops! Thank You Spinsterz!

      The Spinsterz

      Hey Lacey! We are so happy to hear that you and your daughter are having so much fun learning together with your new Grow With Your Flow hoop!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience :D Happy Hooping! ~George-Anna

      Trisha S.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Great versatility for the beginner, great quality for the experienced

      I'm new to hooping and started out with the 42" weighted hoop which I love, but figured out pretty fast that I'd quickly "outgrow" it. To learn basic tricks I needed something smaller and lighter, but was concerned that I'd just keep buying hoops in different sizes without knowing what really worked best for my body. I love that this modular approach enables me to get a feel for all the different hoop sizes and see what feels right for whatever I'm trying to do, plus being able to break it apart will definitely come in handy for travel in the future. Can't wait to see where me and my hoop end up together!

      The Spinsterz

      Hey Trisha! Wow we are so happy to hear how much you are loving your new Grow With Your Flow hoop!! It sounds like you and your hoop are off to a great start on a wonderful journey together >3 ~George-Anna

      A The Spinsterz Customer
      Trisha L.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      A hoop to grow with!

      Thank you to the other reviewers on this page who said this hoop is great for beginners and "should have / wish I started with this hoop first". I'm new to hooping and bought my first beginner fitness hoop a month ago. I was excited to get my first polypro hoop but of course had zero idea which diameter to get. I'm SO glad I chose to invest in a Grow With Your Flow, and glad I chose the 3/4" size too (vs 5/8"). And I love this Deep Sea color! I opted for no grip tape because I intended to sand the inside of the hoop myself, but I haven't needed to do that so far. Happy hooping!

      The Spinsterz Grow With Your Flow - 3/4 ReviewThe Spinsterz Grow With Your Flow - 3/4 ReviewThe Spinsterz Grow With Your Flow - 3/4 Review
      The Spinsterz

      Hey Trisha! We are so happy to hear that the Grow With Your Flow Polypro hoop has been a perfect fit for you >3 Thank you so much for choosing us to make your first Polypro hoop and for sharing your pictures and experience!! ~George-Anna

      Susan F.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product
      Winter Blues

      Love it ...!t sure helped with the indoor doldrums!

      The Spinsterz

      Hey Susan! We love hearing that we could help you hoop your way through the winter blues >3 Thanks so much for sharing! ~George-Anna

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