Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2022

Here's the Deals......Yo!

The big news this year is that multiple products and discount codes can be used at the same time. That does NOT mean, that they add on top of one another.

This means you can add multiple different items to your cart and use a combination of discount codes that will get you the maximum discount possible.

Discount Codes:

25OFF - 25% Select Flow Toys
60OFF - 60% Select Flow Toys
HOOPYBLISS - 35% off Hoops

Flow Toy Sale - 60% Off

Our line of Flow Toys and Rave Gear is anywhere from 25% - 60% off!

When you checkout use ALL discount codes; 25OFF, 60OFF to get the best deals possible.

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Cyber Monday

All hoops are 35% off.

Besides our hoop deals we'll have some flash sales of select products popping up on this page throughout the day - FLASH SALES 🔥

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