Black Lives Matter

the spinsterz black lives matter


Millions of people around the globe have come together to demand justice for Black lives everywhere. 

We are doing our best to educate ourselves and listen to the voices and what they need. 

We stand in unity with the Black Lives Matter movement and we are doing what we are able to do as we have the resources to help and better understand the needs of BIPOC across the globe.


Here are the actions we have taken thus far:

Listen - we feel this is one of the most important things you can do. Before jumping in you need to understand what is needed.

Having challenging conversation or uncomfortable conversations with our community to learn the things we don't know and how we can do better.

We have begun putting more BICOP flow artists on our social media feeds.

We are actively seeking out POC to join our brand ambassador and sponsorship teams to bring more equality to our team and represent people of all colors.

We've been researching and educating ourselves in ways that we can help keep the conversation going and the movement growing.

We are committed to working towards having more equal representation for POC on our website through product photos, lifestyle shots and videos. This is a slow process as we create media, but we are working towards this goal.



June 30th - We have joined the #stophateforprofit campaign and have removed all advertising spend from Facebook owned platforms.




We understand that our efforts will never be enough. 


 This page will evolve as we find more actions we can take to help support Black lives.