Drop Shipping and What You Should Know

We LOVE making hoops and that's about all we make, hoops. Everything else that we sell is curated from all over the globe. We try to find the BEST products available from small artisans and also world-renowned juggling companies and bring those products to you at affordable prices. 


Some of the products we sell come from all the way around the world and if you were to buy them straight from the manufacturer, you'd pay more in shipping than you would for the product itself! That's where we come in, we bring you the best products from around the world and WE pay shipping so you don't have to!


A great example of this would be the long-beloved Fire Contact Staff by Gora. Gora makes some of the best fire props out there, but he lives in Hungary and shipping from Hungary is NOT cheap at all. 


We also do something called drop shipping, I'm sure you have heard of it. Shit, you can make millions of dollars a year having items dropshipped to your customers....no we aren't making millions of dollars a year......yet 😉


Dropship items are unique for our business and there are a few things you should know about them. 

  • Dropship items do NOT qualify for discounts.
  • Dropship items do NOT get free shipping.


Products that we have drop shipped for us

  • Mood Hoops LED Hoops
  • Flux Hoop
  • Synergy Fire Hoops
  • GlowFX Brand Products
  • Lotus Fire Fans by Fire Bug Tools
  • Pandora Fire Fans by Fire Bug Tools
  • UltraHoop Shuffle