Super Secret Deals Just for You!

BOGO21 - Buy one Get One 50% off. This applies to all Hula Hoops.
*LED hoops excluded

CYBERHOOP21 - This is good for 35% off all Hula Hoops.
*LED hoops excluded

CYBERFLOW21 - This is good for 20% off store-wide - GREAT discount for flow toys!

FLUXOMG - Get a Flux Smart Hoop for only $299 😱


Ok, so here is one of the bummers about Shopify, they DON'T allow you to stack coupon codes. 

SO here's our solution. 

If you want to use multiple discount codes because there are several different things you want to buy....

  • You'll need to place separate orders and then we WILL refund any extra shipping costs that you paid. 
  • You don't need to email us about this, we will do it automatically. 
  • You will ONLY be charged the actual shipping costs and we will refund you any extra you paid.