The Spinsterz Advantage

The Spinsterz Advantage

When you buy a hoop, we understand that you want to have this hoop forever and hope that it never breaks. We want to help you feel GREAT in your hoop purchase and do our best to make the highest quality hoops possible. We wanted to take this one step further and give you even more peace of mind by giving you 6 month FREE replacement and Lifetime Repair. 



The Spinsterz 6 month warranty

Feel protected with your purchase from us and know that if anything happens to your hoop, you can get a new one for FREE!

  • Break it
  • Bend it
  • Crack it
  • Snap it
  • Kink it

We'll cover ALL of these things. 

This warranty does not cover LED Hoops, Fire Hoops or Discount Hoops. This warranty does not cover loss or theft. 

If you break your hoop in any way within 6 months of your purchase from we will replace it with the same or similar hoop of equal or lesser value. Your broken hoop MUST be sent back to us to verify it is in fact broken/damaged. 

  • Shipping is paid by client. 
  • Replacement hoop covered by The Spinsterz
  • Please email us at for repairs/replacements
  • All hoops purchased on or after January 5th 2017 will be covered under this policy.



The Spinsterz Lifetime FREE Repair

We want to do our part to try and keep plastic out of landfills and ensure that you get to keep using your FAVORITE hoop for as long as possible. With this in mind we have decided to offer Lifetime Repairs on hoops you purchase from

Not all hoops can be repaired, but we will do our darndest to fix yours and keep you hooping for life. If for some reason your hoop is un-repairable, we will credit your account with the cost you paid in shipping to get it to us. 

Lifetime Free Repairs are good for any hoop, except for LED Hoops and Fire Hoops as these are made by MoodHoops and you'd need to work with them directly for your repairs. 

  • Shipping is paid by client. 
  • Repairs, material and labor covered by The Spinsterz
  • Please email us at for repairs/replacements


The Spinsterz 48 Hour Fulfillment

All orders will be processed within 48 hours! (Monday - Friday, excluding public holiday) 

48 hour fulfillment does not mean that you will receive your order in 48 hours, it means that we will process and fulfill your order within 48 hours according to the schedule below. 

More info on our shipping policies can be found here.