5/8" Bare Polypro on Sale

  • Are you ready to try a new size or different style of hula hoop?  5/8" tubing can be a lot of fun, but can take a little getting used to if you have been practicing with larger hula hoops.

Investing in a sale hula hoop is a great way to make that transition and explore new sizes! Discounted hula hoops are also great items to add to your collection if you have little kiddos around or know that you’ll be sharing them.


These hula hoops might have been made by our new hoop makers, might have been a test of a new taping pattern, or might have ended up on our racks from a customer return.  Some are a little scratched, some connectors might be a little less than perfect, and some might just be an odd variant of other colors we carry. They all work for hula hooping, though, and our hoop makers tried them out first just to make sure!


There is only one hula hoop available for each product code, so if your selection shows up as “Out of Stock” it is no longer available.


Each photo has a hula hoop Code:

  • The initial letters help our staff identify the hoop by color when the order is placed

  • The first two numbers refer to the tubing size (58 = ⅝  OD Polypro Tubing)

  • The LAST two numbers refers to the hula hoop size measured to the outer diameter (ie: 24 = 24” diameter hula hoop)


⅝ OD tubing can get a little wonky in sizes that are larger than a 30” diameter, so you’ll find that there are more small diameter hula hoops in this category.  These are great for learning off body tricks and isolations! Have fun and learn awesome things!


Sale items DO NOT fall under The Spinsterz 6 month warranty.

Sale items DO NOT qualify for free shipping.

Further discounts DO NOT apply to sale items.