Acrylic UV Reactive S Staff aka Buugeng

The Acrylic UV Reactive S Staff is super fun to play with and is amazingly bright in just about any light. It has very unique properties which absorbs light and then glows brightly on its edges. 

Your Benefits

  • Super strong Neodynium magnets holds buugeng together and allows them to pivot
  • Middle hold allows for easy finger and thumb spins
  • UV Reactive as well as light refracting for intense daytime glow!
  • Configurable in many shapes and forms with additional pieces supplied



  • Total weight 550g all parts.
  • 6 x Magnet Metal Cover/Lids
  • 6 x Neodymium Magnet in Nickel plated Cold Rolled Steel Cup
  • S configuration total length = 68cm, 26.5inch
  • Blade thickness 6mm, 1/4inch
  • Material: Fluorescent Acrylic
  • Also glows under UV light!

Note: Sold as one SINGLE unit, not 2 S-Staffs, just 1. 


Check out all the shapes you can make!



Shipping & Delivery