Bare Polypro Yearly Subscription Box

Monthly hula hoop subscription box

Do you want to keep your flow fresh and free? Embrace your natural flare with The Spinsterz Naked Hoop Package. Each month, a brand new bare polypro hula hoop will be crafted specifically for you from The Spinsterz color collection. Every delivery is guaranteed to inspire fun and flow! 

  • Free shipping
  • Up to $35 of retail value in each box
  • Bare polypro hoops
  • Hoops are handcrafted to your preferences

Plan Auto Renews. Cancel At any time!


Your Benefits

  • 1 Delivery Per Month of Bare Polypro Hoop Variety
  • Free Shipping in the US
  • $35 Retail Value in Each Box
  • 6 Month Warranty/Lifetime Free Hoop Repairs
  • Handcrafted Speciality Hoop at an Affordable Price
  • Cancel at Anytime


The Finer Details


Your first box will ship within 48 hours of your initial order and arrive in about 2-5 days after your initial order. All following boxes will arrive in the middle of the following month following your second payment. You’ll know it’s only a few days away by checking your inbox for tracking information.


Each month, we curate freshly made hoops that will have you feeling the hoop envy. When you sign up, you’ll complete a Hoop Profile about your skill level, hoop style, size and color preferences that will allow us to provide you with personalized items when variations exist (i.e. size or style-specific items).

The Spinsterz Advantage

When you buy a hoop, we understand that you want to have this hoop forever and hope that it never breaks. We want to help you feel GREAT in your hoop purchase and do our best to make the highest quality hoops possible. We wanted to take this one step further and give you even more peace of mind by giving you 6 month FREE replacement and Lifetime Repair.