Blue Honeycomb Reflective Hoop

This hoop is taped with a layer of honeycomb reflective tape. Honeycomb tape refracts the most light possible when bright light is shined on it. It's as bright as an LED hoop without having to shell out the big bucks!

Hoop Specs

  • Super strong polycarbonate connectors.
  • Available in 3/4" or 5/8" polypro
  • Made from polypro tubing.
  • Coils down for travel with the push of a button.

Protect Your Hoop

We HIGHLY recommend getting a layer of clear coat added to your hoop.

  • It protects the reflective tape from scratches and scuffs.
  • It gives the hoop a higher gloss and shine at the cost of a little more weight. 

The Spinsterz Advantage

We are a step ahead of the crowd and offering the best service in the hoop industry. With every purchase from us know that we have your back should anything happen to you precious hoop baby. 

  • 6 Month Replacement Warranty
  • Lifetime FREE Repairs
  • All orders shipped in 48 hours or less