Custom Fire Contact Staff

Contact Fire Staff Custom Made to Order

Our Custom Contact Fire Staff is full of options for you to customize and create the perfect staff. 


Staff Tubing 

  • Made from 1-inch aircraft grade #6061-T6 anodized Aluminum Tubing for strength & durability. Choice of Polished silver, red, gold, green, blue, black.
  • Steel weights are added inside each end to slow momentum and make contact moves easier.
  • Wooden plugs placed into each end ensure a secure attachment point and prevent heat transfer.
  • Reflective tape center sections make it easier to see and feel while spinning and tossing.


Staff Wicks

All staffs come with 4' of 1/16" thick wick. Your choice of width and how many wicks you want.


Staff Grip

Choice of standard black or premium grip. Premium grip offers more cushion and extra padding with a more solid feel as well as better heat resistance, and longer life.