Dance & Fitness Hula Hoop - Sequin Tape

The Sequin Style Dance and Fitness hula hoop is a great weight for people looking to add a little bit more flow and tricks into their hooping style.


Our Dance Hoops are made from a thick, heavier weight plastic material known as Polyethylene and it is best suited for getting fit, burning fat and staying in shape.


Every hoop is made by hand in Bend Oregon and wrapped in both a sequin metallic tape and then finished off with a grippy cloth tape that adds weight and gives you the maximum amount of grip so that hooping is easy and fun!


The added weight of the tape helps to shed pounds while helping you to look great while you exercise! The hoop sparkles in the sun making it fun and exciting to watch. 

    Hoop Specs

    • Hoop Weight - approx 1 pound
    • Made from 3/4'' OD 100 PSI Polyethylene tubing.
    • Hoops coils down for travel with the single push of a button.
    • Hoops wrapped in shiny metallic and grippy cloth tapes.


    Hula Hooping Benefits

    • Hooping is an excellent form of cardio workout
    • You can burn up to 400 calories per hour!
    • A very effective way to trim waistlines and tone the abdominals
    • Improves posture and circulation
    • Hula Hooping is a great activity to do by yourself or with friends.
    • You can do it while watching TV!