EL Wire - Tracer Mode

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EL Tracer wire is FANTASTIC for Burning Man and a great accessory to light up your backpack or bike! 


  • Tracer Luminescence Wire  has a running effect in which the light appears to be spiraling down the wire. This remarkable effect is best depicted in the video below!
  • 2.3 mm Diameter EL TRACER Wire
  • 1 Meter in length of Wire  (3 ft.+)
  • Connector on one end
  • Wire Cap on one end
  • Durable yet flexible
  • 2-Mode Battery Inverter
  • 1 Meter in length of Inverter  (3 ft.+)
  • Includes 2 AA (Replaceable)
  • Clip for belt, shirt, pants
  • Total length approximately 2 meters (EL TRACER Wire + 2-Mode TRACER Inverter)