Extended 12 Month Warranty

Want to ensure that you and your hoop have a long happy life? 

You ALREADY get our unbeatable 6-Month "You Break it, We Replace it" warranty automatically included with the purchase of your hoop. This means that if you break your hoop within 6 months of you buying it from The Spinsterz, we will replace it for you at no charge*.


When you make a great choice and add the 12 Month Extended Warranty to your hoop, you will get 12 full months of coverage. If you break your hoop anytime within 12 months of your purchase, we will replace it for you! 

Where else give you such peace of mind for your beautiful hoop baby? NOWHERE!

🏆 The Spinsterz is the best! 🏆


*shipping costs are covered by the customer. 

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